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What is Eventiles?
Why Eventiles?

There are more than 20,000 photo apps for iPhone. But Eventiles is the only one that does this:

Description Claim Photos in, Stories out
10 words

Eventiles automatically transforms photos into beautiful collages for instant sharing.


Eventiles is an iPhone application that goes through all photos and groups them in meaningful and automatically titled events. Within each event, it removes duplicates, selects the best and most diverse pictures, then computes an ad-hoc collage to display them. At last, it provides a way to privately share those collages within a few seconds by predicting invitees.

Eventiles is the instantaneous equivalent of the Postcard: a thoughtful, yet simple way to show what’s happening in ones' life that doesn’t require to take masterpiece photographies. It gives the opportunity to partake everyday moments and special occasions immediately after they occurred.

  1. Works with the standard photo library, no need to plan in advance
  2. Self-adaptive and automatic grouping of photos into meaningful events
  3. Events’ titles are created live from time and location
  4. Fully automatic pictures selection, based on proprietary algorithm maximizing variety
  5. Fully automatic design of collage layouts
  6. Respectful of user's pictures: no dumb cropping, no cheesy effect
  7. Respects of users's privacy: everything stays on their phone unless explicitly shared
  8. Shuffle to try different layouts
  9. Modify auto-selection manually at any time
  10. No Sign-up necessary until an event is shared
  11. View, comment and share eventiles from the Web
  12. Instant sharing through private invitations or through Facebook and Twitter
  13. Invitees do no have to register to view eventiles
  14. Registered invitees can post comments
  15. Event creator can see who has visited the link
  16. The number of Events shared is unlimited
  17. It just works: no ads, no spam, no in-app purchases needed
  18. Application size is only 2MB
Eventiles vs Others





Claim Photos in, Stories out Relive shared experiences Automatically organizes your photos and videos The Disney Photo App for Family Storytelling Where Your Story Unfolds
Platforms iOS, Web iOS iOS, Android iOs iOs
Auto-organization Automatically group pictures V V V V V
Merge or duplicate events V X X X X
Automatically select best pictures V X X X X
Titles based on time and/or location V V V V X
Smart Titles
(eg. Holidays)
Collaboration Add pictures X V X V X
Comment V X X X V
Display Style Collage Album Four frames Album Album
Shuffle V - X - -
Sharing Channels In-app, email, web, Facebook, Twitter In-app Email, web, Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Text message Email, Facebook In-app, email
Email content Collage preview + link Up to 4 thumbanils + link Link only 1 thumbnail + link Up to 4 thumbanils + link
Shows when photos viewed V X X X X
Signup required For using X V X X V
For sharing V V X V V
Company Incorporation

Eventiles, inc.
Based in Seattle, WA. Incorporated in September 2012

Gilad Golan - CEO LinkedIn
Entrepreneur & seasoned engineering manager, startup founder
VP Engineering at Mozy - Engineering management at VMWare, Microsoft

Emmanuel Marot - CXO LinkedIn
Serial Entrepreneur and Compulsive Designer
Marketing at Apple - Director Mobile search at Microsoft - Founder of Zenvestment.com

Investors Gilad and Emmanuel are lucky enough to be sucessful entrepreneurs already, and decided to finance Eventiles themselves.

“We're too lazy to take 10 minutes and sort out the pictures in our iPhones, so we spent one year developing this Eventiles application.”

Emmanuel, co-founder

“At first I was like 'sure, another photo-sharing app...', but when I launched it on my phone, I was amazed. I never saw my photos like that, it's a totally different perspective on what a timeline should be.”

Steve, social media enthusiast and iPhone photographer.

“Wow, it's good. Really good actually. I'm surprised.”

A prominent Silicon Valley VC
Media Resources

Contact Email press@eventiles.com
Phone +1 206 201 1749
Fun Fact

Gilad and Emmanuel started initially on a very different project (a social marketing platform for small and local businesses). They decided to switch to Eventiles instead after discussing which photo-sharing services they were using (answer: none) and realizing the problem with photo-sharing wasn't a lack of feature or the need for yet another social network, but simply that it was too tedious.